Staying Cool in the Summer

Everyone should have central heat and air in the next six months with the exception of 33-11 Celina, 10-2 Fifth and Pine, and 6-2 Polly, Hargis and West Stevens. 

Cookeville Housing Services Corp. has received a grant from Walmart and is going to use it toward air conditioners and fans for these areas. The criteria for receiving an air conditioner or fan is that you cannot have a working air conditioner already in place. If there is a medical need before receiving the central heat and air please let us know. Please contact Becky Hyder at 931.526.9793 ext. 213

Staying Cool Tips - Information from

  • Wear loose-fitting clothing, preferably of a light color. And cotton will keep you cooler than many synthetics.
  • Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the refrigerator for a quick spray after being outdoors. And try storing lotions in the refrigerator to use on hot, overtired feet.
  • Take cool baths or showers.
  • Combat dehydration with plenty of water and sports drinks. Note: Caffeine and alcohol promote dehydration.
  • Try lighter summer fare including frequent snacks of cold fruit or low-fat dairy products.