TNT: Youth News

Poster contest

Congratulations to our poster contest winners Morgan Lane, Richard Ortega and Kaia Harvell. Their posters have advanced to the state competition. We had a total of 43 entries this year. Thanks to all the kids who worked hard making their posters.

TNT Summer Day Camp begins in June and lasts for six weeks. And do we ever have a great lineup of things to do! We’ll have swimming, cooking classes, farm tours, fitness, nature hikes, plus several out of town trips. This is all free to program participants. If you would like to know more about TNT, then call me at (931) 526-9793, ext. 213. New TNT after-school program enrollment begins in late July/early August.

TNT Garden is growing so well, thanks to our hard-working youth and Ellen of Sun, Seed and Soil. At their recent meeting, even the HRS Resident Council couldn't resist helping the kids by weeding and watering the garden. The teens & KIDS Matter will be using the produce during their summer programs.